Five-O-Six Wide Body No. 1

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The Five-O-Six Wide Body Series is a beefier version of our classic blade style putters which includes our patent-pending face milling technology we call GameFace. It gives you the perfect combination of distance and control and will most definitely change the Face of your Game.

The Wide Body putters are 100% Milled from a single block of 303 Stainless Steel Billet and come standard with a polished finish and an elegantly milled hosel (Tour Necks Only) formed to your desired off-set and lie and arc path.

The Five-O-Six Wide Body No. 1 model can be made to a head weight of 300g for the players who like a light head and up to 400g for those who prefer a heavy stick.

Most importantly our putters are 100% Made in the USA.


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 4 x 4 in

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This weekend, don’t go out and buy the hottest new putter with the BIG name (Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5) – it looks good, yes and EVERYONE has one… Don’t go out and buy the new putter that Rory has supposedly put “hours” into designing – the colors are sweet, yes. Instead, consider giving Ricky Johnson a shot, and here’s why —– I’ll admit, I was a huge fan of my new Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 that I customized last year, my first putter since my old school Ping Anser that I had been using FOREVER. It looked good, I putted well with it, and I got tons of compliments… And then I went to Vegas to play a few rounds with a group of guys, and happened to have a chance to put a few Ricky Johnson putters to the test. I’m a good player (as low as a 0, currently a 2 – yes, I now have kids that get in the way!) and consider myself a fantastic putter, so I’m confident that I can put with anything you give me and it will all feel the same – so why would I ever switch from my flashy Scotty Cameron? Well, let me tell you, the minute I put this model in my hands, I fell in love — and then I hit my first putt — WOW! The immediate end-over-end roll of the face is instantly noticeable. No skips like you get with EVERY other model off the face, and it truly is noticeable. Each of my putts started EXACTLY where I had them and were center cut or right around the hole every, single time. The action off the face and the incredible feel and balance of the putter speaks to the methods that Ricky uses in producing these “magic wands” and also speaks to the care and precision that goes into each one before it is allowed out into the market. Needless to say, my Scotty is now on eBay and this model will be in my bag in perpetuity (until, of course, he makes a different model that I fall in love with). In closing, if you consider yourself a good player, or want to become a better one, it all begins and ends on the greens. Put in the time and effort in your practice, and trust me, with this putter in your hands, you will immediately make more putts you look at as you’ll notice the precision of the roll immediately off the face of the putter each time, no matter if its a perfect strike, or you just barely miss it as we amateurs all do at times. Thanks Ricky, this new model is absolutely amazing!

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