Ricky Johnson Custom Putters was born from the idea that hard work and play need not be separated.

It is possible to do what you love. We can assure you Ricky’s love for the game of golf is present in every putter he creates.

Ricky Johnson knows how to follow his dreams.

He is a machinist and welder by trade, but his interests go way beyond metal working. Ricky loves to spend his free time racing cars, hunting, fishing with his grandson, off-roading, and of course playing golf. As an entrepreneur, he has also developed several successful businesses over the years and is currently a reputable name in oil-field equipment manufacturing.

It was only natural when Ricky set his sights on the business of golf. Of course, it didn’t start out as a business. It started with Ricky following his dreams. He built himself a custom putter in his machine shop and quickly followed with a few more for colleagues and friends.

Word spread, and soon, everyone who tried a Ricky Johnson Custom Putter was ready to retire their own and replace it with one of Ricky’s.These beautiful putters, milled from the finest billet stock of 303 stainless steel, improved golf games, and demand increased with every putter Ricky produced. It quickly became apparent that Ricky had found a new calling. He decided to expand his business and dedicate himself to creating the finest custom putters Made in the USA

It’s Time To Rediscover Putting

Ricky Johnson Custom Putters are milled from the finest materials in billet form only.Our soon-to-be-patented GameFace grooved face putter was developed to expand on this perfection

Our team of professionals uses the latest in advanced CNC machining techniques. Combined with a finely-tuned process developed from years of experience in the machining industry. These one-of-a-kind putters are meticulously assembled in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled putter assembly room. Our putters are built using the latest techniques to account and compensate for shaft harmonics.

Come Roll With Us

If you have yet to try a Ricky Johnson Custom Putter, you are missing out on one of the greatest and most beautiful putting experiences in the game of golf.

These custom putters are legends in the making.

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Ricky Johnson Custom Putters