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Best Grips Puttershoes
RJCP Puttershoes From Best Grips

The Major Leaguer Puttershoe from Bestgrips is made using the same process to create the modern, broken-in, baseball glove which just so happens to make an excellent perfect putter cover.

Puttershoes are the only genuine leather putter covers Made in the USA. They feature baby soft liners and surgical grade Velcro for closures. Puttershoes are designed to fit blade, anser-style and small mallets and feature the embroidered Ricky Johnson Custom Putters logo.

The covers from Best Grips are available in three colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red

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506 Putter Head Cover White
506 Putter Head Cover From Grindin Golf Co

506 Putter Head Cover from Grindin Golf Co.

The 506 Putter Head Cover from Grindin Golf Co. is made here in the USA and features a synthetic leather material with the popular double magnet closure.

Whether you’re a collector or someone who just like to show off some with a customized head cover, these covers are perfect for you. The fit is perfect for all the model we build and with the double magnet enclosure, you’ll never find yourself wanding the course trying to find your cover.

We also head covers from Best Grips and coming soon we’ll be featuring the amazing work of Golf Iconic.

These Head Covers are available in three versions:

  • White
  • Black w/Red Dancing 506’s
  • Black On Black

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