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Cigar Holder
Milled Aluminum Cigar Holder

We’re happy to introduce the Milled Aluminum Cigar Holder.

Designed entirely for the golfer who enjoys a fine cigar or even a cheapie from 7-11

After searching for a decent cigar holder and only find cheap junk from China we sketched this up, milled it and then put it to the test.

The rare Earth magnet that secures the holder to the cart, has 20lbs of pull, basically, it’s not going anywhere. We placed a piece of velvet on the back so you won’t scratch up the cart.

We milled it over an inch deep so your cigar will be safe while you hit or putt. Or, even while you’re driving.

No more tossing your cigar on the ground or resting on the floor of the cart. It will be nearly impossible to forget where you put it and drive off.

not rated $70.00
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