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The Wedge Anvil LH
The RJCP Wedge Anvil Left Handed Clubs

The Wedge Anvil LH

We’re proud to introduce the latest product to come out of the Ricky Johnson Custom Shop, The Wedge Anvil.

Designed to assist with stamping the of wedges and irons. Designed from the ground up to optimize the stamping process. Build from a one-inch block of Aluminum; The Wedge Anvil gives you a solid base to do the stamping. The rare earth magnets, which have a pull strength of nearly 9.5lbs per magnet, means the club is virtually locked in place once set into the anvil. No slipping or moving of the wedge occurs when executing the stamping.  Inset .002 below the surface, the magnets take a firm hold of the club but will not damage the face of the wedge or iron.

There is a right-handed version available as well.

*We recently had a price increase on the Anvil line of products. The material costs have increased dramatically over the last several months, and we can no longer offer them at the old pricing. We have held off as long as possible and wish we did not have to increase the price. 


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