Gallery: Special Edition 1/1 Italian Bronze 506 Tour Model

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The Ricky Johnson 506 Italian Bronze Tour 1/1

We stepped a little bit outside the box with this build. The demand for more custom, more exotic, more more more is out there and instead of letting pass us by we decided to stick our big toe in it and see what happens. Already completing a Damascus putter we wanted to take this next build and use a metal that’s stunning and over time will age remarkably well. Once we decided it was going to be Italian Bronze we couldn’t wait to get it on the mill and get to work.

A little trial and a little error later we have the beautiful Special Edition 1/1 506 Italian Bronze Tour model. We took our time with this one and put in some new elements we had not done before. Hence the trial. With a few design changes along the way and low and behold we have our first putter built from this gorgeous metal.

We’re far from done, though

There are plans in the future for different builds like this. As our confidence grows working with these, noncommon metals, plan on seeing more 1/1 creations and we’re even considering something like a limited run anywhere from of one to ten or maybe twenty special editions. Time will tell.

We hope you enjoyed following along with us on our social media accounts as we went through the process. Whoever ends up with this in their possession is going to be one happy owner, she’s a beauty that’s for sure!

Enjoy the pics, like we said, this was a fun one for sure and will be tough when it head out of the shop!


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