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Welcome to the Ricky Johnson Custom Putters Blog!

It’s been a little over a year since we began our journey to create some of the best performing putters on the market and we think we have succeeded. Our Five-O-Six Series continues to impress our new customers and even a few of the folks who tried our putters when the first ones came off the milling machine have been coming back to see what’s new in the shop.

We’ve decided to start this blog page so we can go into a little bit more detail about what it is we actually do and why. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ are great for showcasing some aspects of the business but sometimes 140 characters or a picture just isn’t enough so we’re going to try and create more content to help us explain why we believe we’re making the best putters in the industry.

We’re hoping to connect with our fans and customers on a more personal level. The interaction we get from our social media accounts is awesome and we love it, we’re just looking to bring that excitement to the site and have a place for every one of you to engage with us. Not everyone is a fan of social media so this is for those people out there as well as all of our followers from our accounts.

Look for behind the scene videos like this:

Also look for photos and previews of new equipment we’ll only display on this site.

Thanks again for finding us an having an interest in Ricky Johnson Custom Putters, the best Milled Putters on the market today!

Ricky Johnson Custom Putters


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  1. Tom
    | Reply


    Do you customize golf club?


    • Matt
      | Reply

      Sorry, we do not.

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