MyGolfSpy Reviews the Five-O-Six Tour

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Ricky Johnson Putters graces the pages of MyGolfSpy

We would like to thank MyGolfSpy writer GolfSpy Dave for the fantastic review of our Tour Five-O-Six model recently on their site.




Having this review done was a big deal for us. MyGolfSpy, which I’m sure you’re aware, is one of the premier golf review sites in the industry. We enjoyed creating the putter for them, and we’re very pleased with what Dave had to say in regards to our work


Here’s a quick sample from the article;

First and foremost, this face is hot! Sure, most of the time “hot face” is a driver descriptor, but Ricky Johnson has really found a way construct the face so that it really gets the ball moving. I’m going to go out on a limb and give that roll promotion credit to the grooves.


I wish I had a high-speed camera. You know, like the one Nike used when the first showcased the roll of their then-new Method line. The tag line there was that the grooves, and polymer, got the ball rolling faster. That means less slides, hops, or skids, and thus should producing a more accurate roll.


As I said, I wish that I had a fancy, fast-shutter video system, because I believe that the GameFace gets the ball rolling incredibly fast. Like before you even hit the ball fast. There is zero chaos after impact, just roll. Sure, maybe it’s just my pure putting stroke, but I know my stroke, and thus I’m going with the grooves.


Getting back to the heel and toe hits, distance loss off of the heel and toe is minimal, and the ball tracks dead straight. It got to the point where I tried to cut across the ball to hit curving shots, but the ball just wants to roll straight forward.


Be sure to check out the full article on MyGolfSpy here.

And, head on over to our store page and check out the putter Dave reviewed. 

Thank you, Dave, for the time you put into the article. It was awesome to see our young putter company up on the MyGolfSpy site!


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