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Our 506 Wide Body was put through the review process.

Check out the Review Adam from Three Guys Golf Blog did for us. We sent a custom built 506 Wide Body No.1 to them and without a doubt, Three Guys Golf did a great job with the review.

506 Wide Body Review

506 Wide Body Review

Here’s a quick sample from the article;

So I have had the Ricky Johnson 506 widebody putter in my bag now for a few months for this review and while it took me a few rounds to make an adjustment, I am a full believer. Part of the difficult transition was because I was coming from a SeeMore putter that had a center hosel. Basically, it just took a little time for me to get used to looking at the blade and feeling comfortable with my alignment. Additionally, the Ricky Johnson Wide Body is toed up rather than face balance like my previous putter.


Out of the box, what I really liked about the putter was the weight. Oddly, if feels very light which gives me a lot of control but in actuality, it is 340 grams which is about the same weight as my SeeMore, which feels heavier. I can’t quite explain this but the result is that I am confident with my stroke whether on slow or fast greens. With that said, I really like it on fast greens as I can just get the ball rolling on the right line without a lot of manipulation.


On the greens, it feels incredibly natural in my hands. Unlike many of the large head putters, I don’t feel like I am wielding some high tech, over-engineered monstrosity. The Ricky Johnson simply has that classic feel, which for me leads to increased confidence.

You can read the full article here.

You can also visit our store and check out the 506 Wide Body No. 1 Adam reviewed.

Thanks for taking the time to do the review, Adam! Your support has been incredible.


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