Photo Gallery: Player Series

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A photo Gallery for our new Player Series Putter.

The Player Series is a new face milling pattern we’ve added to out Five-O-Six line of putters.

With our GameFace milling, the forward roll every player is looking for is present at impact. Even though this is the desired end results, most putters on the market today have a loft which lifts the ball slightly at impact. Skidding is a most likely result with loft, even at 3° or 4°. We designed the GameFace to eliminate skidding and get the ball rolling on its intended target line much sooner.

However, the “hot” face we designed and built isn’t always the desired feature. As time has gone by players have adapted to the loft we find on most manufactured putters. We decided it was a good idea to offer a face milling pattern for players who prefer a lofted putter head and a traditional milling pattern to experience a Ricky Johnson Putter. Hence, the Players Series creation.

  • Milled from the Finest American 303 Stainless Steel
  • Made in the USA
  • Traditional Face Milling
  • RJ Logo Featured on the Face

Build your Players Series Putter here.


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